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William P. Zink, MD

Orlando Pediatric Sports Medicine
  • Caring Service

    We provide caring service by a caring staff. Dr Zink spends the time necessary with each patient to properly evaluate and treat them.
  • Highly Competent and Respected Specialist

    Should surgery be necessary you can be assured that we seek the best outcomes for your individual case.
  • Sports Injury Specialist

    Dr Zink will help you treat and manage all types of sports-related injuries, helping you to return to top performance.
  • Professional Team

    Our team will work together to provide you the best care.
  • Diagnostic Evaluations

    We will recommend and evaluate you utilizing the best leading edge technological services available.

How can we serve you?

Birth Defects & Deformaties

We specialize in Spina Bifida, Scoliosis, Club Feet, Perthes, Displaysia and other syndromes.

Top Pediatric Orthopaedist

Recognized as one of the most highly respected Pediatric Orthopaedic practitioners in Central Florida for the treatment of youth sports injuries.

Youth Sports Physicals

We provide prompt attention to young players requiring physicals for team sports before they can participate.

Youth Sports Injuries

Youth Sports Injuries for Soft Tissues and Bones. We provide extraordinary care for Shoulder, Arm, Elbow, Spine, Hip, Knee Foot and Ankle injuries.

Diagnosis & Symptom Check

We offer referred Tertiary care for Deformities, Metabolic Bone Disease, Sports Medicine & Trauma/Fractures

Specialized Diagnostics

We employ best care options utilizing CT-Scans, MRI, X-Ray and other techniques.

What should I bring to my Appointment?

New Patients - Custodial Parent must bring the child to the first appointment. (Paciente Nuevo - El padre que tiene custodia tiene que hacer el menor a su primer appt.)

Medical Tour of CT Scan


  • ACL Reconstruction Info

    The following article provides in-depth information about treatment for anterior cruciate ligament injuries. The general article, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injuries, provides a good introduction to the topic and is recommended reading prior to this article. ACL Reconstruction Article (AAOS)
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